Return and Refund Policies

  1. We do not accept returns for products which are not broken or delivered incorrectly.
  2. Any exchange, return or refund must be requested within 7 days of delivery indicated in the delivery receipt provided. STEAM eSHOP will not accept any returned merchandise without any written communication.
  3. All sale items, discounted and promotional merchandise, including any discount/promo codes used are FINAL and are ineligible to be returned or exchanged. STEAM eSHOP does not accept or assume any responsibility for loss of or damage to returned goods whilst in transit from the customer. It is therefore strongly recommended customers return the item(s) to our store or use a reputable form of logistics with a tracking number.
  4. Except for the following condition (Including but not limited to):
    1. Man-caused damage (e.g. Water damage, scratches, impact damage)
    2. The product is being modified
    3. Inappropriate use of the product
    4. Off colour
    5. After 7 days from the date that you received the product
  5. If you receive a wrong or faulty item. please contact:
    [email protected] or (+852) 3426-4500
    within 7 days of the delivery. The buyer should show the related evidence(s) which the product(s) originally faults before the shipment. Please keep the original package at least 7 days to ensure you can return the products in its original condition.
  6. The return delivery fee is paid by the buyer.
  7. Should the returned items(s) be deemed not to be in its original condition, STEAM eSHOP reserves all rights to return the item to the sender at the sender’s cost. For overseas purchase, the sender shall be responsible for all taxes and/or duties imposed by the customs authorities for any return of the good to STEAM eSHOP .
  8. STEAM eSHOP reserves the right to make the final decision on all refund & returns cases.



  1. 所有正確寄出及運作正常的貨品恕不接受退換。
  2. 任何退貨及退款,必須於收據中標示的交貨日期起7天內透過書面提出。STEAM eSHOP 將不接受任何未經書面通知的換貨、退貨及退款。
  3. 所有促銷品,折扣商品和推廣商品,包括已使用的任何折扣/促銷代碼,均為最終商品,並不設退換。客戶退回貨物在運輸途中造成的損失或損壞,STEAM eSHOP 一概不承擔任何責任。因此,STEAM eSHOP 強烈建議客戶選用信譽良好的物流公司(包括提供追踪編號以查詢貨物運送狀態及遞送證明)。
  4. 以下情況(包括但不限於)將不會獲得退貨安排:
    1. 人為損壞 (如入水、撞擊、刮花等等)
    2. 曾更換組件
    3. 不正當使用
    4. 產品顏色色差理由
    5. 收貨後已超過7天的產品
  5. 如遇有缺陷的產品,您可於收到商品後的七天內聯繫:
    [email protected] 或致電(+852) 3426-4500
    説明產品的問題。有缺陷的產品是指在製造或設計過程中出現錯誤,使得產品在預期的情況下變得不可接受、不能使用或安全出現問題。 產品本身必須有缺陷(由於製造或設計錯誤),而非因使用不當而造成的損壞。在指定退貨期內退回產品時,客戶必須提供充分理由指出產品有缺陷,包括說明產品在客戶擁有期間的使用情況。所有產品必須以原始狀態及完整包裝退回,包括文件、手冊和附件。若用家已打開包裝或使用產品,本公司將不會接受退貨或退款要求。我們強烈建議客戶於購買產品後保留相關包裝至少七天。
  6. 所有退還時產品相關運輸費用由買方承擔而且均不會退還。
  7. 如退回商品被視為未恢復原始狀態,STEAM eSHOP 保留拒絕退換的權利,物品將按照相關地址退還給寄件人,費用由寄件人承擔。海外購買,寄件人需承擔退還所涉及的所有稅款及/或關稅。
  8. STEAM eSHOP 保留對所有退貨及退款和的最終決定權利。